Im just a normal teenage girl.

19th March 2012


he’s perfect.

My boyfriend is the one for me.  I know he’s the one i couldn’t ask for anyone better. Im in love. he’s right i was in the wrong with what i did.  If only i knew it was his best friends birthday and that his other friend was leaving for college the next day i wouldn’t of asked him that favor.  I just panicked i’ve never been in that situation before and he’s always there for me.  I love him so much he means the world to me.  Yes, my moms upset with my decision but he’s my best friend i can’t live without him.  He called me some names but i deserved it i know it.  He’s not putting things in my head he’s just right about this.  

12th March 2012



i didnt know being in love would hurt this much. idk what to do about it.

19th February 2012

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holy shit.

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7th February 2012

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cutest thing in the world <3

cutest thing in the world <3

17th January 2012

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Dance &lt;3

Dance <3

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7th January 2012

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28th December 2011

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this is the truth &lt;3

this is the truth <3

21st December 2011

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Car hunting

I hate car hunting my dad wont agree on a car because he thinks he knows everything ive been with out a car for a month now and it sucks….. I NEED A CAR!

16th December 2011

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Im getting a tattoo!!! :)

Im getting a tattoo behind my ear a small one though.  I’ve been thinking long and hard and im either getting stars or the phrase Gráim thú which means i love you in irish (gaelic)!! :) i love the idea since im very much irish!

13th December 2011

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‎90% of people marry their 7th-12th grade love. Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight. If you dont repost this, your worst week starts now



ugh why did I read that~

i iz going to marry mikey fusco den?

what age is 7th-12th grade? o.O